SIGIR 2010 is going on right now

in Geneva. This is the ACM Special Interest Group on Information Retrieval. Besides the academic types, this huge conference pulls a lot from the search engine industry and thereâs a lot of interesting stuff.

The twitter tag is #sigir2010 and thereâs some bloggy coverage. (heh, todayâs keynote â is the Cranfield paradigm outdated â um, yes, if it was ever dated!). Danield Tunkelang is blogging (I think heâs at Google now).  A search on Google blog search yields a few more.

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Completely off topic, but the term 'information retrieval' always reminds me of a scene from the movie Brazil where information retrieval involved a dentist chair, leather binding, and a guy in a scary doll mask doing mean and painful things to someone.

yeah, librarians only resort to that when natural language searching fails ;)