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In its latest Greenhouse Gas report, the World Meteorological Organization reminds us again that what really sets Homo sapiens apart from the other animals is an unparalleled talent for procrastination. Brad Johnson of Think Progress summarizes:

... since the global convention in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 at which the nations of the world pledged to prevent dangerous global warming, the intensity of global warming has increased by nearly a third. Most of the increase in pollution has come from the burning of fossil fuels, reaping untold profits for oil and coal magnates at the expense of civilization's future. More than a quarter of all of the carbon pollution produced by the United States has come since then.

Which is why our grandkids will one day turn to us and say "Let's me get this straight: you burned it all?"

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Hmm. Since those emails "shockingly" are emails saying things pretty similar to "you farkin' dumbass", how can this latest denier moron complain about the contents?

To be fair - if *we* don't "burn it all", *they* will. And hydrocarbons are an awesome source of energy. Best if civilisation benefits from it, rather than the uncivilised theocracies who are sitting on it all. And seeing as these uncivilised theocracies send our money straight back to us as "investments", we can just nationalise or compulsorily acquire their assets anytime we like, anyway, once we're finished burning all their oil.
Keeping our coal in the ground for future use ccould be a good idea though.

By Vince Whirlwind (not verified) on 22 Nov 2011 #permalink

Who, exactly, are "they"?

Hydrocarbons are an amazing source of energy in the same way as the flesh of a human body when burned is an amazing source of energy (look at lions).

Does this mean we need to stoke the fires?