Euro-update 8: Leaving Europe

I'm sitting in an Athens hotel with a cup of coffee pondering my last few hours in Europe. We've had a fabulous vacation, the longest I've ever taken in my life. At the same time, I'm looking forward to getting home.

I've tried to keep you abreast of the psychology-related events that occurred while we were in Europe, but internet access has been too sketchy, and we've been too busy having fun to post everything. Here are a few random snapshots I never managed to post:

A cool "rainbow cloud" from Tuscany, which I had intended to post as a demonstration of why the spectrum doesn't include all the colors we can perceive:


(more below)

Greta and me in front of the Sigmund Freud Museum in Vienna:


Me being "psychoanalyzed" by the Sigmund Freud action figure:


You may think you're in charge now, Siggy, but wait until we get you back to Greta's lab, where you'll have to battle the Data action figure from Star Trek!

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I was going to say, "no brown in the rainbow" -- which I generally take to be a fact that undermines simplistic wavelength = color views of color -- but I must say that the top of that rainbow looks distinctly brown to me -- much more brown than red.

Any thoughts about conditions under which the red/yellow stripes in the rainbow look brown?

Keep up the posts, Dave! You're indefatigable!