Last chance to help with DonorsChoose

Updated 5:35 p.m. EDT on 10/30/07: Psych for Seniors Part I is now fully funded, with over $400 in donations today! Let's get Part II funded!

There are just two days left in our DonorsChoose Challenge to raise money for kids to learn science. Have you been putting off your donation? You still have an opportunity to make a difference.

The Psych for Seniors proposal appears to be the most popular among our readers, and with just another $816, the second part of that proposal will be fully funded. We can help students in school with a 40 percent poverty rate get the textbooks they need to offer an AP psychology class and get a leg up on their college education.

Remember that Greta and I will personally match ten percent of your donations up to the $6,000 CogDaily goal for this challenge, so every dollar you donate has additional power to make a difference.

The combined ScienceBlogs have earned over $46,000 in the challenge, but CogDaily readers haven't been doing their part, with some of the lowest donation rates in the entire challenge. While it's impressive that we've landed over $1,100, many blogs with a much smaller reader base have attracted more donations. We're in 12th place on the ScienceBlogs leaderboard, and we're the second most popular blog participating. We may have had a weak start, but we can still have a strong finish to the challenge.

Don't let those kids down! Donate today!

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