Let's get a couple of these projects fully funded!

As promised, Greta and I have given our first matching gift to the Donors Choose challenge. We donated $103 as our 10 percent match for the $1,039 that had already been donated. We decided to donate to the two most popular proposals: Psych for Seniors and Calculate the Joy of Helping At Risk Students Part 1.

Now for the bad news: Our challenge has collected just $1,142 of our $6,000 goal. Based on our readership statistics, that makes CogDaily readers the least generous of all the ScienceBlogs participating in the challenge. We're the second most popular blog in the challenge, but we're in tenth place on the leaderboard.

And don't give me the "psychologists don't make as much money" excuse -- we're in danger of being passed by Omni Brain. Do you really want to get beaten by a psych joke blog?

With thousands of visitors every day and thousands more watching from the sidelines on our RSS feed, it should be a trivial matter for us to raise $6,000.

With so many potential donors, even small donations can add up to a huge effect. Why not consider a gift of $20 or so to your favorite proposal? Is a week's worth of lattes too much to give to the next generation of psychologists? If ten percent of our readers give that much, we'll sail past our goal and easily fund all the proposals in our challenge.

We've got just over a week left -- let's show the rest of the ScienceBloggers what a few thousand committed psychologists (and psychology fans) can do!

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