Vote for Encephalon!

Encephalon is up at Mind Hacks! Go check it out!

Greta and I are off to vote today, so you'll have to get your psychology fix over there.

Oh, and out of curiousity:

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I have an Election Party to go to on the 4th, so it seems like it'd be more fun to vote before, then go straight to the party. Plus it's at the VA hospital across the street from my apartment, so it's more convenient than finding the early voting places, anyway.

Yes! And it took me forever! The early voting lines are out the door here in Florida. I'm not sure why I bothered, though - you just know we're going to totally wreck the election again down here.

I'm back from early voting -- took about an hour and fifteen minutes. This compares to about 1:20 last election voting on Election Day. So, not much difference, but at least I avoid the worry of not being able to vote at all.

Jenny: According to yesterday's New York Times, actually we have a pretty good chance of ruining it here in North Carolina. I should say the election officials were being pretty careful to remind us of the potential problem.

Nope, nor do I plan to, however being 16 I have an excuse.

Hi Dave- Love your blog. How about a survey addressing the issue of productivity in the workplace these days?! I know I've been terrible at work these past few weeks between the campaign, the economy, everything. I do one minor task and then I'm back online seeing if there's any news. Of course everyone is talking about the news at work, too. I bet if one could measure these things, September & October would be poor employee performance months! Okay, back to work (right).