Encephalon is up at Neuroanthropology

Encephalon, the biweekly collection of the best psychology and neuroscience posts on the web, is now available at Neuroanthropology.

In addition to great science, there's a collection of clips from a classic movie about Italian food, "Big Night." Here's my favorite:

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Encephalon, the biweekly neuroscience carnival, will be hosted at Omnibrain this week. Send in links to your favorite neuroscience posts, pronto! Don't wait, or you'll forget, like I usually do!
Welcome, everyone, to the 14th installment of the brain blogging carnival Encephalon. If you're in the United States, I hope you've got today off, and that you've at least taken a moment to think about the contribution that Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. made to our society. If you're not in the…
You may remember Encephalon, a biweekly neuroscience carnival, that we used to participate in regularly. Well, it kind of lapsed there for a bit because the organizer, Mo, was very understandably busy with other things. Sharp Brains has graciously agreed to reorganize it. The first Encephalon of…
Encephalon has a particularly good crop of brainy goodness this issue, so let's get started. Mind Hacks looks at a fascinating case of a man with unstoppable hiccups because he has Parkinson's disease. Neuroscientifically Challenged looks at the possibility of using a nanopolymer from sea…

I'm Italian and I live in Italy.
This sketch is gorgeous!Wonderful!I can't stop laughing.
The reactions of the two Italians were exactly my own!
Wonderful flash of understanding of our dietary preconceptions!