Casual Fridays: Inside EVERYONE's Studio

At the end of every episode of Inside the Actor's Studio, interviewer James Lipton asks his celebrity guests the exact same 10 questions, most notably, "What's your favorite curse word?"

But why should celebrities have all the fun? We thought it would be neat to ask the same set of questions to our readers -- and then see if we can find interesting, statistically significant patterns. Does age affect the responses? Gender? Your chosen profession?

Also, we're going to try something a little different this week. After you respond, you'll be able to check out the responses of others. While we aren't collecting any identifying information with this survey, just be aware that others will be able to view your responses.

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As usual, the study is brief, with about 15 questions. It should take only a few minutes to complete. You have until Thursday, December 10 to complete your response. There is no limit on the number of respondents. Don't forget to come back next week for our analysis of the results!

(Just a reminder: All Casual Fridays studies are non-scientific. This doesn't mean we can't use scientific principles to assess what's going on, but we can't make general claims based on the results)

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I object! How come I couldn't put in multiple words, but others could!?

The survey site doesn't count words, just characters. So you get an error message if you type too many characters, but technically you can still type more than one word.

It would have been nice to have a third choice for working on the crew of a play/movie/whatever. I wouldn't consider this being "in" the performance, but merits more than just saying no.

By Chris Grimes (not verified) on 04 Dec 2009 #permalink

in one of the answers, for a sound you don't like i read "a fork against a plate"...

here's the case:

Once i was in some place, and i heard a sqweeching (or whatever) sound of a fork against a plate or a similar sound (those ones which give you goosebumps. nothing happened.

but a few seconds later, when i realised what produced the sound i felt the "goosebumps", what could be the reason for the "delay" in the feeling? the stimuli/reaction in different time/space?

I'd like to get something if you could tellme, there you have my email address.

thank you!

I answered some of the questions, the ones about favorite or least favorite words, in my native language (swedish), i hope that doesn't befuddle your statistics...