List of Science & Technology Librarian Blogs

Here's a list of the reasonably active Science & Technology library blogs I know about. I've not included medical library blogs in this post because it's not a field I'm all that knowledgeable about. That list would make a great post in it's own right, but it's not this one.

My definition of "scitech librarian blog" is pretty loose (even on the librarian part of it), but in this case I think casting a fairly wide net is probably the best plan of action.

In no particular order:

I know I said I wouldn't link to any library blogs, but here's a couple that feel more personal. Feel free to let me know about other blogs with a similar feel.

Here's a couple of dormant long time bloggers who've shown Some recent signs of activity:

Read, enjoy, explore! There's lots of great stuff in those lists.

Now this is likely nowhere near complete -- I've almost certainly forgotten someone blindingly obvious. So, who have I forgotten? Who don't I know about yet?

(And no, I'm not doing this as part of some sort of grandiose plan to create a scitech librarian blogging community. Although...just kidding.)

Update 2010.08.26. Added The Science Library by Joe Kraus and fixed Nuthing but Net.

Update 2010.08.28. Added The Patent Librarian's Notebook by Michael White (can't believe I forgot a blog that's on my blogroll...) and Science Resources by Michael Knee.

Update 2011.01.27. Added Social Disruption by Elizabeth Brown.

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Dear John,
thank you for this list, I really need it!


Thanks for mentioning my blog. I've been a little lax about it lately, with research projects and other writing taking up more of my time. But I'll try to keep on it. Thanks again, John.