My presentation for Scholarship in the Public Eye: The Case for Social Media

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I did a short presentation on Scholarship in the Public Eye: The Case for Social Media as part of a panel for a York Faculty of Graduate Studies Scholarly Communications Series.

And yes, I was the Twitter guy, although some of the other presenters did talk about their use of Twitter. Basically, my point was that Twitter and blogs can be part and parcel of the research and research outreach life of academics. I mostly concentrated on Twitter, but I did try and make the same sorts of points about blogging as well as I spoke.

Anyways, I thought I would share my "slides" here.

You may have noticed, if you went through them at all, that they're a bit odd.

Yes, every single slide is a tweet. They're mostly by other people but I did feel I had to tweet a few things on my own to tie the threads together a bit better. The tool I used to do the presentation itself was the absolutely wonderful web service Storify. Basically Storify allows you to aggregate web objects into linear stories. And you can turn those stories into slideshows, which is what I did.

You can see my Storify story here and as a slide show here. It's a bit odd, but to make the slide show work, you have to click the slide and then use the left and right arrows.

I have a ton of praise for Storify. It was great to use and for a few of the more intricate details I had to work out, their Twitter tech support was fantastic. Overall, I would recommend it for similar projects. The only downside was that in my very particular application, it was a bit difficult to stitch together a presentation narrative from other people's tweets so I'm not sure what I did would work so well for a full length presentation.

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