Around the Web: #OccupyScholComm in chronological order

Ah, #OccupyScholComm.

The perfect Open Access Week topic!

And just like the broader Occupy protests movement, the aims and policy pronouncements of the "movement" are perhaps not as vague as they might seem to the casual observer.

Basically, #OccupyScholComm is about scholars rejecting profit-driven toll-access publishing and taking back the control of their own scholarly output.

Or something like that.

Anyways, it all started with this tweet from OpenAccessHulk:


And grew from there. There's quite a bit of traffic on twitter under the #OccupyScholComm hashtag.

Since I seem to be the first person to use the tag in a blog post, I thought I'd collect a bunch of posts here. I'm doing them in chronological order, like I did with McMastergate, hoping to add more posts as they happen.

The posts don't have to explicitly use #OccupyScholCojmm but do need to reference the Occupy theme in some way. Of course, I appreciate any suggestions for posts I might have missed in the comments.

It's a good start. Let's keep it going and #OccupyScholComm together.

Update 2011.10.26. Added the In The Library with the Lead Pipe post.
Update 2011.10.27. Added Agnostic, Maybe post, which I knew about but forgot to add yesterday.

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