Ontario Library Association Super Conference presentation: If I Knew Then What I Know Now: Some librarian job search advice

Some colleagues and I are presenting tomorrow at the latest Ontario Library Association Super Conference. Here's the info:

Session: #1307:
Friday 3:45 PM 5:00 PM
Career development

John Dupuis, Acting Associate University Librarian, Information Services, York University; Tanis Fink, Director, Seneca Libraries, Seneca College; Amanda French, Manager, Sciences and Business Dept, Mississauga Library System; Klara Maidenberg, Virtual Reference Services & Assessment and Evaluation Librarian, Scholars Portal, OCUL; Zachary Osborne, Head Librarian, Toronto Botanical Garden; Jane Schmidt, Head, Collection Services, Ryerson University Library & Archives; Zoe Cliff, Information Management Analyst, Ontario Public Service.

Much of what is required for a successful career in the information profession is not taught in library school. The diverse panel will reflect on their own education, experience and career paths, and share tips for students on getting the most out of their degrees with advice for success in the field.

And huge thanks to friend and colleague Klara Maidenberg for organizing the session. It'll be great!

Some general sites that might not appear on the usual suspects lists:

Some articles and blog posts with various bits of advice:

And of course, suggestions for relevant articles or resources are always welcome in the comments.


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