Desert Spiny Lizard

My non-expert identification of this: href="">desert
spiny lizard, href=""
rel="tag">Sceloporus magister.

i-e6866ecae55135a6449615a07884d436-desert spiny lizard 500px.jpg

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While we have a cold, dreary rain here: a photo of brighter, hotter times: style="display: inline;"> This is from September 2007.  It is a desert spiny lizard ( href="">Sceloporus magister) on a desert willow ( href="…
At La Cueva.  I'd appreciate it if someone could identify this lizard. It is about 5 inches (12cm) long. UPDATE: thanks to a tip from Kevin, I think I have ID'ed the little guy... It appears to be a greater earless lizard: Cophosaurus texanus.
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My son and I rescued a very small desert spiny lizard from some sticky tape used to catch scorpions. We got him a cage, a light source, a water dish and crickets, but we have no idea how to care for him. He is a great little guy and in good shape. Can you tell us how to care for him. I'm wondering if we should let him go now that he seems better. He burrows under the dirt each night. He's really interesting to watch.