Insufferable Arrogance® Now Mine

Ok, here's an idea. The Dervaes family have decide to make the phrase "urban homestead" a registered trademark (1 2 3 4 5; also see the EFF post). Presumably, they are doing this to make money. They have gone so far as to send DMCA takedown notices to other persons...persons who, presumably, thought they all were colleagues of some sort. I guess not.

So, if it is possible to make money off of something that is rather commonplace (About 179,000 results on Google) on the Internet, I've got an idea that is even better. I am going to trademark Insufferable Arrogance®. Not the phrase, mind you; rather, I am going to trademark the concept.

Anytime I see anyone displaying Insufferable Arrogance® on the Internet (currently comprising about 35% of all web pages), I will have my legal team send them a Sharply Worded Memo®. If this works, we should see a precipitous decline in the incidence of Insufferable Arrogance® on the Internet.

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