Art and Nudity

Sometimes I'm amazed at the pockets of ignorance lurking in our midst. This is the sad story of a Texas art teacher who got suspended for taking her class to the museum. Her crime? Letting her innocent pupils glimpse some 16th century paintings that - gasp! - revealed a nipple or two. If the mirror of art reveals our own reflection, then this is sad indeed. The same artistic subjects that were suitable for pre-Enlightenment Europe - even religious paintings used to celebrate the nude body - are now deemed pornographic. Manet is laughing at us:



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Prudery and censorship is alive and will. There is a difference between nudity and nakedness, even if not everyone recognizes it. Pictures of people without clothes and statues with no garments in a museum. Who'd of thunk it.

I would feel safer if my daughter were visiting an art museum than if she were working as a page in Washington, DC!