Linnaeus' Legacy #9: Classifying the Classifiers

Mr. Slybird has the latest and greatest Linneaus' Legacy carnival up at Biological Ramblings. It is an awesome blog carnival highlighting taxonomy, systematics, and biodiversity posts. They are looking for hosts for next month and beyond. Sign up and be a part of history in the making!

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Eric over at that brilliant invertablog, The Other 95%, is hosting the next edition of Linnaeus' Legacy. It is a blog carnival about taxonomy, biodiversity and systematics. The current edition is at A DC Birding Blog. You have 1 week to get in those submissions! Go here to submit.
Eric has the latest edition of the taxonomy and biodiversity blog carnival up, Linneaus' Legacy. Go there and learn some stuff!
I am a big fan of The Science Creative Quarterly. I especially like how they integrate science with humor -- sort of like the Onion, but focused on science. Now they are getting into science education. If you know nothing about phylogenetics and systematics, this introduction to phylogenetics…
There's a new carnival in town! Christopher Taylor of Catalogue of Organisms has just started Linnaeus' Legacy, a monthly blog carnival dedicated to biological diversity, taxonomy and systematics. The first edition is now published and the size and quality of posts gives me optimism that this…