Linneaus Legacy #11 is up!

Eric has the latest edition of the taxonomy and biodiversity blog carnival up, Linneaus' Legacy. Go there and learn some stuff!

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Mr. Slybird has the latest and greatest Linneaus' Legacy carnival up at Biological Ramblings. It is an awesome blog carnival highlighting taxonomy, systematics, and biodiversity posts. They are looking for hosts for next month and beyond. Sign up and be a part of history in the making!
Eric over at that brilliant invertablog, The Other 95%, is hosting the next edition of Linnaeus' Legacy. It is a blog carnival about taxonomy, biodiversity and systematics. The current edition is at A DC Birding Blog. You have 1 week to get in those submissions! Go here to submit.
tags: blog carnivals, Linnaeus' Legacy The 5th edition of Linnaeus' Legacy is now available for you to enjoy. This is a new blog carnival that focuses on taxonomy and biodiversity and is published each month. Happily, it appears to be growing with each edition -- so be sure to go there and give…
I would like to begin by reminding you that the next edition of the Linnaeus' Legacy blog carnival will be hosted HERE In theory, it will come out tomorrow, but I have the sense that a few more submissions (your?) are still to come in, so I may delay posting until Tuesday morning. So you have…