Praxis #1

Bora has the first edition of Praxis. I think this carnival will quickly become one of the most important monthly collection of blog posts, covering topics that is about science:

"If it is "Life in Academia", then pretty much everything on science blogs is eligible and the effect is diluted. If we narrow it down to one topic, e.g., Open Access publishing, then there will not be sufficient posts and sufficient interest to keep the carnival alive. We'll have to define a happy middle. We want people to find each other here - folks that write about the business of science, about publishing and Science 2.0, about survival in the Academia, as we can all learn from each other and help each other."

The posts are excellent and thought-provoking and are there to stimulate and generate discussion. So go there and take a gander at them and why not sign up to be a host for a future edition?

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