The Big News Revealed

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First comment! W00t!11!!1

How very apropos and exciting! Heartiest of congratulations from teh Beagle Project! I also thoroughly applaud your cool vid and especially the use of Carmina Burana for the deep sea.

That clip of Space Shuttle Discovery had me thinking one of you was going to space (or even sending an experiment there) in which case I was going to have to come across the Atlantic and bludgeon you out of sheer envy.

P.S. Does this mean you're getting paid even more than you were on the borg? Sheesh.

OMG it didn't even occur to me that this might be a tv programme not just a blog! On edge of seat once again... more info please, Kevin, Craig and Peter.

Very exciting! Yay!

We will be moving the whole shebang over to Discovery Blogs. No show for now ;-) T-shirts will be soon. Now I just have to figure out how to meet those guys from Mythbusters.


I've never been a commenter on Discovery blogs ... until now.

You guys should have your own show, though. Keep at them. Maybe if Craig grows a Victorian mustache like the guy from Mythbusters.

Congrats, gents, truly an honor deserved!

On a quick-pivot personal twist, does this mean there's going to be an opening at ScienceBlogs for a fisheries research blog?

By FishGuyDave (not verified) on 27 Aug 2008 #permalink

Most excellent news. Congratualtions.

By vanderleun (not verified) on 27 Aug 2008 #permalink

Congrats! I only recently started reading and am glad I noticed one of your posts through the TOP FIVE sidebar before you took off to Discovery Blogs (which I'd never heard of). Give Sig Hansen my regards!

Unfortunately, the amount of actual science content on ScienceBorg now dwindles down to Drugmonkey, but what you gonna do...

Congrats! Is there any way we could convince you to take little Matty Nisbet with you?

By Reginald Selkirk (not verified) on 27 Aug 2008 #permalink

Man, now I'm gonna have to reconfigure my feeds and links and I'm gonna have to remember a whole new URL. Not to mention get used to a new blog layout. Thanks, guys, thanks alot for making more work for me. Don't you ever think of other people? Geez.

(um, that's my snarky Massholic way of saying congrats)

Congrats, guys! Discovery, Discover, I was close...

I'm just glad I didn't totally let the kraken out of the bag. I do intend to carry out the threat, though. ;o)


I can't wait for the Mythbusters & DSN christmas special where our intrepid deep sea explorers use a home-build submergence contraption to dive down into the Mariana Trench and proof once and for all Atlantis is a myth. Grand!

Hi everyone: there's a big ol' grumble-puss over at our place that needs shouting down.

Does he give you money? If so, humor him; otherwise, ignore him.

Great, guys, but you forgot to include a train going into a tunnel.

Looking forward to seeing DSN in a new place.

Damn, been so busy packing miss this huge news. Congrats guys, I'll try to go to that San Fran meet up so can help celebrate