Dooher email not a hoax!

I was mistaken when I suggested that the email Dooher sent Reynolds was a hoax. I emailed Dooher asking him if he had written the letter and when I didn't get a reply, because of the weird stuff about goatees and because he got every single fact wrong (including the claim about the study director having a goatee) I decided that it was a hoax. Dooher eventually replied, apologizing for his mistakes and asking Reynolds to remove his email. Reynold's spin? OK, so they had Lott speak, but maybe they were planning a biased study and Dooher talked them out of it. Tom Spencer and Atrios linked to my comments about Dooher's email. Atrios also has some good comments on ArchPundit's thoughts on Reynolds' post-modern approach to science. ArchPundit has an update to his thoughts about Reynolds and the NAS panel. And the Iraqi Information Minister apparently supports Lott and Reynolds.


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