Paul Cella writes about Lott:

My amateur and incomplete (and, if you insist, predisposed) sense is that Mr. Lott has roundly disarmed his often-strident critics with the scrupulousness of his research.

Fortunately, Wes Little sorts him out in comments and Cella ends up conceding:

Alright, Wes: you win. I had altogether forgotten about Lott's shadiness when I posted the link. If I had remembered the scandal, I surely would have looked for someone else to adduce on guns. It is also unfortunate that the reviewer I link to failed to mention it.

Jesse Taylor writes:

does it ever strike anyone else that Glenn's style of covering dishonest conservatives is akin to the way that the mainstream media tends to cover conservative screw-ups?

"A person levied a charge against a conservative, and proves it. Offering no proof, the conservative's defenders said this was '(some synonym for "bad attack")' from his partisan enemies. I'll wait until a conservative makes a criticism of the conservative before I hop on board, if I ever bring it up again, unless it's something that I can safely criticize now without tiptoeing around it."


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