Link love---Sceptics' Circle #92 at The Lay Scientist

It's up over at Martin's place. His blog came out of nowhere (don't they all) a few months back, and he's hit the ground running.

Just, please, when you get to my section, try not to use your imagination too well. Trust me.

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This is off-topic, but I wanted some doctorly input to a discussion that I am having over at another blog.

This lady is hyperventillating about the "sinister" (her word) policy of the Oregon Public Health Plan.

They won't cover curative treatment for people who have a "less than 5% chance of surviving five or more years"

Instead, they cover palliative treatment, hospice, and Doctor-Assisted suicide.

This lady is setting it up as a moral judgement that the government is making a value judgement on 1,2,3, or 4 years of life.

To me "less than 5% chance of surviving five or more years" doesnt sound like curative treatment doesn't have a very good chance of buying you even one year of additional life. I think that she has an unrealistic view of what it means to have a less than 5% chance of surviving five or more years" means.

Heres the story:

Hmmm..the question deserves it's own moving it.