Defending Christian Terrorism

Ignored in the justifiable attention being paid to foreign Muslim terrorists after 9/11, domestic Christian terrorists have taken a backseat in terms of media coverage. How many people know that in 2001, 3 of the 10 names on the FBI Most Wanted List were anti-abortion zealots? Not many, I imagine. Clayton Waagner was one of them, recently convicted of sending over 400 anthrax threat letters to Planned Parenthood and other pro-choice groups and clinics. Eric Robert Rudolph was captured last year after a nearly 5 year manhunt that followed his apparent bombing of several abortion clinics and the Olympic Park in Atlanta during the 1996 Olympics. James Kopp was recently convicted of killing Dr. Barnett Slepian in 1998. If you want to see a perfect picture of dogmatic insanity, how about this article from Chuck Spingola defending these men and what they do? And lest you think this is just about abortion, look at the way that he ties abortion and homosexuality together:

The foreign terrorists (Muslim) resist the imposition of the United States/United Nations charter, which promotes "population control" (abortion) and "diversity" (homosexuality), while the Christian/domestic terrorist simply resists the 'law' of the land, which promotes and often subsidizes abortion and homosexuality.

Or how about this list of offenses, grouping homosexuals with rapists and pedophiles:

Considering what Romans chapter 13 has to say about rulers it could logically be concluded that the Christian terrorists Waggner, Rudolph, Kopp etc. qualify as "minister(s) of God" more so than America's Department of "Justice" and its subsequent agencies. Indeed the wicked should be terrified of good men. Impenitent baby murderers, sodomites, adulterers, man stealers, pedophiles, rapists, etc. should indeed cringe in the shadows at the presence of a God fearing man even as they would cringe before Jesus because they are to act as his body on earth, receiving Him as their Governor.

And he's quite upset that we dare to actually convict these people, since after all they're just doing God's will:

The wicked civilian and the Federal Government appear to be coconspirators in their coup to overthrow Christ and his people. Queer Boy Scoutmasters, abortion on demand, and same sex marriage is all part and parcel of this godless takeover of God?s America.

Those blessed few that actually do terrify the wicked are vigorously denounced and punished by the government "of the people". I often weep over the oppression and persecution of the Christian terrorist in this country for it accomplishes three goals. First, it comforts and strengthens the wicked. Second, it discourages the would be CT from action. Third, it makes the CT feel alone in his cause.

God forbid the Christian Terrorists feels lonely in his work. That would be a shame, wouldn't it? And Mr. Spignola actually laments his feelings of inadequacy because he's NOT a Christian Terrorist himself - he only protests, he doesn't kill:

Most of the time when I leave the killing place my self-esteem diminishes as I have failed where others have succeeded. The baby butchers and their subordinates were not terrified at my presence nor from my actions.

This is truly a shame. I think we need some sort of intervention. We can't have Christian terrorists, either potential or actual, feeling lonely or suffering from low self-esteem. Perhaps we could even begin a dating service for them. I can almost picture the personal ads:

Single White Zealot Male (SWZM) seeks
Humorless White Fanatic Woman (HWFW)

Likes: harrassing poor pregnant women, feeling like a martyr, walks on the beach
Dislikes: freedom, heathens, infidels and whores
No freaks!

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