Last night in NYC

"In my view you cannot claim to have seen something until you have photographed it.", Emile Zola (1840-1902)

Or, in modern online usage - "Pics, or it didn't happen!"

So, here are some of the pick from last night. First, we went to Seed offices, where we met everyone during the Happy Hour, including the Overlords, Erin and Arikia:

i-1b64a8e3e4761228c7e6a0f0f0c44072-NYC 001.jpg

Then we walked over to Old Town Bar, where we soon were joined by my Scibling Jake Young, my old friend from SciFoo and the 1st Science Blogging Conference Jacqueline Floyd, my Twitter buddy Arvind Says, and the Overlords of the new Nature Network NYC Hub Barry Hudson and Caryn Shechtman and her boyfriend Nikola Trbovic with whom I could converse in Serbian language:

i-bccf5ba3e7b439c054219bdd0b0278fd-NYC 003.jpg
i-3780a472b371f13fe62957e7c0b3a96b-NYC 005.jpg
i-de4f953b017ac682a26c987fb253a5fc-NYC 007.jpg
i-d709f168446e917e29ded888119e776f-NYC 009.jpg
i-065b705942651b5eaad18bd23c880d80-NYC 010.jpg
i-c91840b969db932658127ccb9666d26f-NYC 013.jpg
i-add2f4814170b22f7432d05cf915e381-NYC 019.jpg
i-31d38a45ea880cf09f75b4fd21c1d45e-NYC 020.jpg
i-17cc113a09b53f81930208ff93c8eac7-NYC 022.jpg
i-6f6cbc6a8acbb34e5f3f5b5b2d0eb875-NYC 023.jpg

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It was good fun Bora!!! Thanks for setting it up:)

By Caryn Shechtman (not verified) on 21 Feb 2009 #permalink

It was fantastic to see everybody in NYC. Thank you all for the many kindnesses you extended to me.

By Catharine Zivkovic (not verified) on 22 Feb 2009 #permalink