Another Take on Responses to the Tsunami

Paul Musgrave has written a response to some of the same statements I commented on in my recent post that has gotten so much controversy. Though Musgrave is himself a Christian, he has some of the same problems with those responses that I do:

One Christian website writes that the tsunami affected worst those countries that persecute Christians the most; some Indians think the wave was punishment for the arrest of a Hindu religious leader; and one rabbi writes:

This is an expression of God's great ire with the world. The world is being punished for wrongdoing -- be it people's needless hatred of each other, lack of charity, moral turpitude.

I have to say, if these are the best explanations that theology can come up with, maybe we should leave the explanation of geological events to the geologists.

Indeed. I wonder if Musgrave will also be accused of insensitivity rather than those to whom he is responding.

Hat Tip to Jason at Positive Liberty.

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Musgrave and the rest of that "In the Agora" gang are quite good.

By philosopher (not verified) on 31 Dec 2004 #permalink

Musgrave and the rest of that "In the Agora" gang are quite good.
I agree. Paul Musgrave and Josh Claybourn are sometimes on the other side of issues from me, but they are very bright guys and their ideas should not be dismissed lightly. Top notch minds.