Rowe on Hartsock and Devvy Kidd

More evidence that Jon Rowe and I were separated at birth: he wrote an essay on the very same fake Jefferson quote, mentioning both Christian Hartsock and Devvy Kidd's use of it, this morning. Someone else had sent me a link to it and I wrote about it too, but without any knowledge that the other person was doing so. He goes further to hammer Kidd for several other ridiculous claims and use of at least 3 other fake quotes. The punchline is that Devvy Kidd, while presenting the fake quote from Jefferson, actually provides a link to the text of the letter in which the quote she uses does NOT appear. And she has Patrick Henry declaring that this "great nation" was founded upon Christianity in 1765 - when we were still a part of Great Britain. Hilarious. Devvy Kidd cracks me up. She's a freaking spokesmodel, for crying out loud, whose idiotic ravings are printed every week in the Worldnutdaily.

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While there are surely many contenders for this month's Robert O'Brien Trophy honor, this idiot Devvy Kidd has to be the strong frontrunner. A couple of gems from her website:

Anyone who has done the historical homework knows that America is a Christian nation founded upon Christianity and Christianity alone. Atheists and the American Communist Lawyers Union (ACLU) have done their darndest to convince Americans otherwise with their constant propaganda by using repetition of certain phrases, i.e., "separation of church and state," a concept hallucinated up by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1947.


It is inconceivable to me how any person who claims to be a Christian could be a member of the ACLU or one of their lawyers because the ACLU is a communist front organization that has learned how to sell their poison in a politically correct environment.

Anyone stupid enough to pack that many intellectually bankrupt claims into one (largely incomprehensible) article surely deserves some sort of award. Chalk up my vote for Devvy!