Jeb Bush Continues to Exploit Schiavo

The Schiavo exploitation continues. Jeb Bush has pushed a prosecutor in Florida to open an investigation of the circumstances involving Michael Schiavo's 911 call the morning that Terri collapsed - an investigation he admits is highly unlikely to find anything:

Gov. Jeb Bush said Friday that a prosecutor has agreed to investigate why Terri Schiavo collapsed 15 years ago, citing an alleged time gap between when her husband found her and when he called 911.

Bush said his request for the probe was not meant to suggest wrongdoing by Michael Schiavo.

"It's a significant question that during this ordeal was never brought up," Bush told reporters.

Michael Schiavo's attorney has said his client called for help right away...

Bush acknowledged in his letter that an investigation may be difficult.

"I understand that these events took place many years ago, and that you may not be able to collect all the relevant records and physical evidence. However, Mrs. Schiavo's family deserves to know anything that can be done to determine the cause and circumstances of her collapse 15 years ago," Bush wrote. "The unanswered questions may be unanswerable, but the attempt should be made."

Virtually all of this is nonsense. It is utterly false that this alleged time gap was "never brought up". It's been out there for years, but it's based on virtually nothing. In a TV interview 13 years after her collapse, Michael said that he woke up and found her around 4:30 am. The 911 call was made at 5:40 am. But was Michael trying to be accurate in his interview? Obviously not. He was recounting that he got woken up in the middle of the night. In another interview, he'd said around 5 am. But there's one really obvious reason why there was no alleged 70 minute gap between finding Terri and calling 911 - she wouldn't be alive if he had waited that long. She was without oxygen. If she'd been without oxygen for 70 minutes, she would have been stone cold dead with no chance of revival. The fact that they managed to revive her after multile defibrillations, but with major brain damage, is proof that she was only down 10-15 minutes. The police investigated all of this at the time and dismissed it, just as they investigated accusations of abuse and dismissed them. But now 15 years later, Jeb Bush is still pushing for it when he knows damn well there is nothing such an investigation could acheive. Michael was the only person there when she collapsed. If he'd waited as long as they allege, she would never have been revived in the first place. End of argument. Except, of course, Bush isn't really interested in truth here. He is interested only in continuing to exploit this issue for political gain.

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I'm reminded of the line that goes something like "At long last, sir, have you no shame?"

And the answer is -- clearly not.

But there's one really obvious reason why there was no alleged 70 minute gap between finding Terri and calling 911 - she wouldn't be alive if he had waited that long. She was without oxygen. If she'd been without oxygen for 70 minutes, she would have been stone cold dead with no chance of revival.

How do the morons square their insinuations that Michael was responsible for Terri's state with the fact that he called 911 so quickly that the paramedics were able to restore respiration and heartbeat? If he had wanted her dead, all he would have had to do was wait 20 minutes and then call. Nobody else would have known any different.

The pandering is shameful.

By Michelangelo (not verified) on 17 Jun 2005 #permalink

Jeb has put himself between a rock and a hard place. The majority of people thought his actions were wrong, and by this point are just plain sick of the whole ordeal. But the wingnuts not only won't let the issue go, they blame Jeb personally for not having sent in a SWAT team or whatever else it would have taken to shove the feeding tube back inside Terri. The fact that it would have been a gross Constitutional violation of the governor's powers doesn't matter to them. Since he didn't do everything he could, physically speaking, that makes him one of the bad guys.

This should be an object lesson in why it's not worth pandering to the wingnuts. Not only do you piss-off everyone else, you also piss-off the wingnuts.

This is typical Rove. He needs a distraction for the wingnuts to focus their attention AWAY from the Turd's tanking poll numbers, continued Iraq disaster, SS plan in the shitter, Downing Minutes media coverage...I could go on, but you get the picture. It's like sheep herding.

Y'know, it's not as if I should find any of Shrub the Younger's efforts at continuing to beat this dead horse surprising, but I did. For someone who purportedly started his political life out trying to look more moderate than his brother, he's going out of his way to look just as cluelessly kneejerk as Dubya does on issues like this.

By Chris Krolczyk (not verified) on 17 Jun 2005 #permalink

Time for a malicious prosecution lawsuit. I'm not joking.

Somewhat orthogonal, but does anyone know why Rush Lamebrain isn't behind bars by now? Who are those Floridians trying to kid?

Jon, I didn't either, but it's funny as heck.