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Sorry about the lack of new posts, but I'm tied up at the moment with legislative issues here in Michigan. The house bill that includes language opening the door to ID was passed by the house last week and sent to the Senate. We are awaiting today the release of a separate bill by the chairman of the Senate Education Committee, which may or may not include similar language. We don't know at this point which of the two bills will be the final bill or what the language will be, so we are preparing our strategy in the dark at the moment. In the meantime, I'm getting calls from the press and we're taking a "no comment...yet" approach. The ACLU of Michigan, however, issued a press release on the matter this morning. MCFS will be issuing a public statement as well, but we are waiting for the wording of the Senate bill to be released first.

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Or bills, in this case. It turns out that there are now two bills in the state legislature - HB 5606, sponsored by Rep. Palmer, which contains the "arguments for and against" language that will inevitably open the door to ID; and a Senate bill, sponsored by Sen. Kuipers, that doesn't yet have a…
We've got a sudden rash of ID activity here in Michigan. The MCFS board got word yesterday that the House Education Committee in Michigan was going to hold a hearing this morning on HB 5251, a bill that would require the teaching of all the major ID arguments in public school science classes. We…
Yesterday was a very good day for science education in the midwest. I wrote last week about ongoing controversies in Michigan and Ohio as advocates of intelligent design (ID) were trying to find a way, any way, to weaken science education and open the door at least a crack for the introduction of…
We have a problem with antivaccinationists here in Michigan. It's a problem that's been going on a long time that I first started paying attention to in a big way a few years ago when we started seeing pertussis outbreaks again due to low vaccine uptake. It's a problem that's persisted as last year…

It could be worse... You could be a Tiger fan...

This hits too close to home. As if Michigan weren't hurting enough already - let's give outside investors one more reason to avoid the state!

Ed, do you have a list of the idiot legislators who voted in favor? I'd like to know whom NOT to vote for next time!

By ZacharySmith (not verified) on 08 Mar 2006 #permalink


Here are the yeas and nays on the bill:


Accavitti Espinoza McDowell Rocca

Acciavatti Farhat Meyer Sak

Amos Farrah Moolenaar Schuitmaker

Anderson Gaffney Moore Shaffer

Angerer Garfield Mortimer Sheen

Ball Hansen Murphy Stahl

Baxter Hildenbrand Newell Stakoe

Byrnes Hoogendyk Nitz Steil

Byrum Huizenga Nofs Stewart

Casperson Hummel Palmer Taub

Caul Hune Palsrok Vagnozzi

Clemente Jones Pastor Van Regenmorter

DeRoche Kahn Pavlov Vander Veen

Dillon Kooiman Pearce Walker

Donigan LaJoy Polidori Ward

Drolet Law, David Proos Wenke

Elsenheimer Law, Kathleen Robertson Whitmer

Emmons Marleau


Adamini Cushingberry Kolb Smith, Virgil

Bennett Gillard Leland Spade

Bieda Gleason Lipsey Tobocman

Brandenburg Gonzales Meisner Waters

Brown Gosselin Miller Williams

Caswell Green Plakas Wojno

Clack Hood Sheltrown Zelenko

Condino Hopgood Smith, Alma

Now, that doesn't necessarily mean anyone who voted for the bill is an idiot - the language we object to is one tiny part of the bill. One legislatore who voted for the bill, Wenke, tried to amend that section out but his amendment failed; he voted for the overall bill anyway.