A Motley Crew at Dinner

Burt Humburg sent me this picture from a conference we attended 3 years ago at Berkeley. I think I have to do it as a popup image because it's too wide for the columns on this blog. It's a bunch of us at dinner at Spangler's in Berkeley. View image.

From the left to the right: Guy from Colorado Citizens for Science whose name I forget; Woman from a physicist's society whose name I forget; Nick Matzke of the NCSE; Alan Gishlick of the NCSE; Liz Craig of Kansas Citizens for Science; Skip Evans, formerly of the NCSE; Burt Humburg, the typhoid mary of creationism; Steve Rissing of Ohio Citizens for Science; me; Wes Elsberry of the NCSE.

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The woman second from the left is Martha Heil, Editor/Strategic Planner of the American Institute of Physics. I'm actually a member of a member society of AIP, the Acoustical Society of America. That gets me Physics Today, the monthly publication of AIP, the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (I take it on CD), and Acoustics Letters.

Ah, now that you mention it I do remember her name being Martha and I knew she had something to do with physics. Still can't remember the other guy's name.

You don't think Nick is the spitting image of Denzel?

steve s wrote:

You don't think Nick is the spitting image of Denzel?

LOL. Even their momma couldn't tell them apart.

yes, that's me. Thanks for identifying me, Wes. However, I would like everyone who's looking @ that picture to subtract 40 pounds (and then add ten back "for the camera".) I look waaaay better than that now.

By marthaheil (not verified) on 22 Mar 2006 #permalink

Oh wow. That's Martha Heil?

I just had this 20th century, very "You've Got Mail" moment where someone with whom I've been corresponding via email I now realize I've actually met.


Well Burt, not to belabor the point I've made so many times before, but given the amount of wine you drank during that conference, I'm surprised you can recall being there at all, much less who you may have met. As further evidence of this, I point to your question to me last night - "Who's the guy sitting next to me?" It could have been your dad for all you know! A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

I believe the unidentified man might be Scott McGlasson or Vic Stenger of CCFS. I found a buiness card from CCFS that i reviced at the 2003 summit with both those names on it.

By marthaheil (not verified) on 22 Mar 2006 #permalink

It's not Vic Stenger, he wasn't at the summit. So it must be Scott.

I think it was Scott. That name sounds familiar.

And every time Ed brings up my drinking, I get annoyed. Sometimes, because of my guilt about drinking, I try to cut back. I'm usually pretty good after an eye-opener. (http://www.gpnotebook.co.uk/cache/-1389035520.htm if you didn't get the reference.)

Seriously, though, it was good to remember old times. That was a fun vacation/summit.


The summit was a great time, to be sure. It was the chance to get to meet so many people that I'd known only through email up to that point. It launched a lot of great friendships between us all - Skip, Burt, Nick, Wes and many others. That's why I always laugh when I read people saying nasty things about Genie Scott or Wes Elsberry or some of the others in our group. You really would be hard pressed to find a nicer or more congenial group of people.

And truth be told, Burt really didn't drink that much. But hey, when you get a 3 day break from a medical residency program - and all the long hours and stress that entails - you do tend to cut loose a little bit and blow off some steam.

Worse, Ed. Surgical residency...


By Burt Humburg (not verified) on 29 Apr 2006 #permalink