David Limbaugh's Delusions

You've gotta love this kind of pointless snarkiness. It comes from David Limbaugh (yes, Rush's brother) and it's the perfect combination of smugness and stupidity:

I suppose it's a matter of one's perspective, but it sure seems to me that if there is any special interest group aggressively pushing its agenda on society, it's the radical homosexual lobby. I don't assert this as some earth-shattering revelation or to prove my superior powers of observation. But it is amazing how many people have swallowed the homosexual activists' propaganda that it is heterosexual conservatives who are picking on them rather than the other way around.

Uh, yeah. Because the "radical homosexual lobby" is trying to get major companies that employ hundreds of thousands of people to take religion out of their equal opportunity employment policies so they can fire all of the heterosexual conservatives. It's the gays who are passing referenda on gay marriage, then dishonestly shifting the meaning of them and using them to challenge universities and local governments that provide health benefits to gay couples as part of their employment contract. It's gays actively trying to prevent legislation that would give heterosexual conservatives the right to visit their spouses in the hospital or have the legal right to make decisions for them when they die. It's gay parents who throw their heterosexual children out of their lives and treat them like pariahs. God, David, you're so put upon I don't know how you can stand it. You should just convert to being gay; life would be so much easier for you then.


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Ed - I think you are too late with your suggestion - He IS gay, he just won't admit it yet.

And of course no loony-right fridge-magnet-lexicon is ever complete without the phrase "radical homosexual lobby".

(A quick note to the loony-right: the "gay agenda" (Protocols of the Elders of Castro Street?) is only a threat when it's emailed in Microsoft Project format.)

Didn't you know that not being able to discriminate against someone because they are counter to your religous beliefs is a form of discrimination? No wonder you don't beleive there is a War Against Christanity (trademarked)! You don't know what discrimination is!

I suppose it's a matter of one's perspective, but it sure seems to me that if there is any special interest group aggressively pushing its agenda on society...

Did the Religious Right somehow escape his attention?

Some of those bigoted gays have even broken straight people's fists with their noses -- the nerve!

I suggest Mr. Limbaugh try a little empathy sometime.

Oh sure, scoff at Limbaugh - but he's right. My roomie admitted to me that he is part of the radical homosexual agenda - and it is very aggresive. Deep in a bunker in Northern California, scientists so gay they have come around full circle and become straight again, are developing a virus that will cause conservative, "straight" men to start wearing leather and listen to Abba. Soon they are listening to CDs of old showtunes and watching John Wayne movies with a whole new interest. People on the left think that the bushies are testing tactical nukes to hit Iran's nuclear facilty - they couldn't be more wrong - it's not about weapons of mass destruction, it's about weapons of mass sodomy. . .