That Damned ACLU Does It Again

Well folks, the ACLU is at it again. Not content to undermine this good God-fearing nation by forcing terrorists to burn flags while having sex with underaged children and reading aloud from The Origin of Species, they are also flagrantly and wantonly undermining the simple-minded caricatures of their opponents. They did it again today by filing a brief on behalf of an elementary school student in New Jersey who was told she couldn't sing a Christian song in the school talent show (see the actual brief here). Those anti-Christian communist lawyers are brilliant, I tell you, bloody brilliant. This is obviously all part of their devious plot to remove Christianity from the public square by defending the rights of people to sing about Christianity in public. To quote the immortal Otto, "It's an XK Red 27 technique."


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It's merely a ruse to deceive their opponents (like StoptheACLU) into thinking the ACLU is actually evenhanded and fairminded, instead of the godless liberal organ that it really is.

Honestly, sometimes I wonder if school officials ever think things through. At a time when public schools are under attack for "suppressing" Christianity, it seems sensible to allow a Christian song as part of a talent show. The performer chooses the song, after all, not the school, so there's no entanglement with the establishment clause.

I wonder how the anti-ACLU wingnuts will react to this one, if at all. They may just ignore it, since it contradicts their ACLU paradigm.

By wheatdogg (not verified) on 06 Jun 2006 #permalink

I totally agree that the school is being ridiculous in this case. I especially loved the quote from the administrator saying, "We're not anti-Christian, we're just anti-this song." And I really dont' think they're anti-Christian, they're just abysmally ignorant on what the law says.

DUDE! She wanted to sing "Awesome God!" I love that song!

By FishyFred (not verified) on 06 Jun 2006 #permalink

How DOES the StoptheACLU react to how much the ACLU support the rights of Christians? Do they just ignore it, pretend it never happens?

"How DOES the StoptheACLU react to how much the ACLU support the rights of Christians? Do they just ignore it, pretend it never happens?"

Much like this, minus the proper grammar and such:

The ACLU periodically takes a case on behalf of a Christian in order to both mask and legitimize its greater aim of knocking Jesus on his skinny ass. By expending time and resources on a comparatively inconsequential case like the one in Frenchtown--which I assume is somewhere in France and therefore off most Americans' radar--the ACLU helps clear a path toward the global eradication of all things Christian, typcially manifested via organized cross and church burnings, constant efforts to amend the Constitution to strictly favor an atheist world view, and raucous public ass-rapings of God-fearing heterosexuals (who are then immediately converted to gaiety and scamper off to marry someone of the same sex).

BV: it took me 2 minutes there to realise that that was a spoof. Good one.

Or possibly I've just spent too much time laughing at those clowns.