Hoekstra Says Administration Hiding Facts from Congress

Rep. Peter Hoekstra, chair of the House intelligence committee, went on Fox News on Sunday and accused the Bush administration of not informing Congress of ongoing intelligence gathering programs that they are bound by law to consult with Congress about:

"But in this case there was at least one major -- what I consider significant -- activity that we had not been briefed on," the Michigan Republican said without specifying what that activity was.

"It is not optional for this president or any president or people in the executive community not to keep the intelligence committees fully informed of what they are doing."

Hoekstra said "people within the intelligence community" informed him about programs his committee had not been told about -- a tip Hoekstra said he discovered was true only after making inquiries...

Under the law, the executive branch must inform the legislative branch of what it is doing, Hoekstra said.

Clearly, Rep. Hoekstra hates America and is working diligently to help the terrorists win.


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Actually, Hoekstra is not the problem. Fox News is at fault for bringing this story to the public's attention instead of leaving hidden, where it belongs if we are to protect Americans fom Terrorists. I say the gas chamber for Roger Ailes!!