Hovind Not Allowed to Travel

Here's an update on the Hovind trial. When arrested, he was forced to turn over his passport and stay in that judicial district. He asked the court to allow him to travel to South Africa for a preaching tour but the court agreed with prosecutors that he is a flight risk. That seems obvious to me, as he has already declared that he refuses to recognize the authority of the court. And in a very strange email, the organizer of the South Africa speaking engagements has issued an odd threat:

In an e-mail to a reporter, Andre L. Immelman, CEO of PowerMinistries, the South African group sponsoring Hovind's trip, said South Africans "do not react very nicely to disappointment" and ministry members "will be seeking asylum in the U.S." if his trip is canceled.

Uh, okay. And he thinks they'll be granted asylum in the US because they don't like something the US is doing? With that kind of reasoning, it's hardly a surprise that he thinks Hovind is credible. One other thing perhaps worth noting: the judge in the case is named Miles Davis. And when the case is done, I think Hovind is going to be feeling Kind of Blue.

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More details on Hovind's arrest are found in today's Pensacola News Journal. I especially love this part: Of the 58 charges, 44 were filed against Kent Hovind and his wife, Jo, for evading bank reporting requirements as they withdrew $430,500 from AmSouth Bank between July 20, 2001, and Aug. 9,…
The Bush administration genuinely appears to think that as long as it claims it needs the authority to do something in order to fight terrorism, there are no limits whatsoever on its power. This has reached the point where even the administration's defenders are having a difficult time finding a…
Hovind's followers, however, are still treading the long and candy-sprinkled road of self-delusion. I've been sent a letter pleading for help in his case — they want to take it to the Supreme Court. I will be very surprised if this gets anywhere. Greetings from Adrienne Gilbert in Kentucky... An…
The Pensacola News Journal has been following the arrest of Kent Hovind closely. A trial date has been set for September 5th and Hovind has pled innocent to the charges (well, kind of). And I can't wait to see how the court treats some of the profoundly silly claims of immunity that Hovind is…

"We South Africans aren't all smiles and sunshine..."

By Caledonian (not verified) on 28 Jul 2006 #permalink

And he thinks they'll be granted asylum in the US because they don't like something the US is doing?

I think the argument is that if Hovind doesn't show then their loving Christian followers will massacre them.

And then they try to claim that atheism makes people violent...

By Corkscrew (not verified) on 28 Jul 2006 #permalink

And when the case is done, I think Hovind is going to be feeling Kind of Blue.

That's it! Hovind == Freddie Freeloader.

By Johnny Vector (not verified) on 28 Jul 2006 #permalink

I mean really, what an incredibly glib insult to the people of South Africa. Disappointment, frustration, and anger would be reasonably expected -- but to imply that people will riot and injure others just because a scheduled speaker had to cancel?

He doesn't have a lot of respect for his audience, that's for sure.

By Caledonian (not verified) on 28 Jul 2006 #permalink

If preachers had any respect for their audiences, they'd stop peddling their garbage and board up their hate-houses.

Yeah, Stoll is in some trouble as well. He's been advising clients to take Hovind's strategy of claiming to be employed by God in order to avoid taxes and the government has filed suit against him over it. He may end up in jail too.

I bet the folks in SA are really upset because the deposit (probably requested in krugerands) is non-refundable.