Black Jack, Missouri Changes Policy

Remember the story of the couple in Black Jack, Missouri who were told they had to leave town because they weren't married and having three unrelated people living in a home violated zoning laws? The ACLU of Eastern Missouri filed a lawsuit against the city on behalf of the couple and the city council just voted unanimously to rescind its policy and give the couple a housing permit. I guess that's just another instance where the big bad ACLU "bullied and intimidated" a poor defenseless town.


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I never understood that case. The children were related to both parents by blood, right? So it seems to me that they met the letter of the law anyway.

By somnilista, FCD (not verified) on 30 Aug 2006 #permalink

*hastily checks zoning laws*

Whew, looks like my city (also my employer) won't be the next target of the big, bad, bullying ACLU. :P

The oldest child was hers from a previous relationship.

If you didn't catch it, the guy's last name is Loving. I love this case -- the modern day Loving.

Interestingly the nutcases just don't get it. They are pressing for more municipalities to adopt such laws.

The fact that his name is Loving really is an interesting coincidence. The only way it could be more coincidental is if his name was Dred Scot.

If I am not mistaken, an additional factor that almost certainly played a role in this saga is the fact the couple was an inter-racial couple.