More Anti-Gay Crime in San Diego

Yet another anti-gay crime in San Diego, where 6 men were brutally attacked after a gay pride event earlier this year by 4 bat-wielding bigots. This time it happened on a trolley:

Police say that the Trolley was traveling ;through the Encanto neighborhood when a man in his mid 30's began making homophobic remarks to the teen. The man then punched the young man in the face.

When the older passenger attempted to intervene and prevent the teenager from further attack the assailant pulled a knife and slashed the 50 year old.

The attacker escaped when the Trolley made its next stop.

But remember, GSA clubs are all about sex. Gay people don't really have any reason to want or need to join together in support groups, nor do their friends have any reason to give such support. Forget about the humanity of these people and the daily bigotry they face and focus just on the anal sex. That will keep you from actually thinking about them as people.


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Ed, see my comment on the earlier post. According to the largest christian conservative radio broadcast empire in the world, these kinds of things don't really happen. It is just an empty card TEH GAYs play to only seem to be victims.

These bigots infuriate me. The truly pathetic thing is that no one will look for him, and he will never be punished. Our children will look back on these times and wonder how we were so stupid.

On a lighter note, I kept E-mailing Dawkins's website about the mischaracterization of the Founding Fathers in his book, and I was told the E-mail will be sent to Dawkins himself. So I should have a convincing answer for you in a little while. (I'm still pretty sure it was a lack of fact-checking.)