Off to that Bastion of Gay Liberals

I am leaving in a couple hours to head down to Grand Rapids. Tomorrow morning I'm flying out of there to San Francisco for the weekend to spend some time with Wes and Nick and my good friends at the NCSE. I also may get to meet fellow ScienceBlogger John Wilkins while I'm there. And I'm going to get to see my cousin David for the first time in some 20 years. I am really looking forward to this trip.

In the meantime, I have a few posts going up tomorrow morning for your enjoyment. I hope everyone has as good a weekend as I'm going to have.

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Resist the urge to turn gay, lord knows the temptation will be there.

Dammit, Matthew beat me to any "catching the gay" jokes. Have fun anyways!

Ed, please try to find a copy of The Gay Agenda. The must be one there somewhere, maybe at the super-secret Worldwide Gay Domination headquarters. I hear they're working on making a Turning-Straight-People-Gay virus that will be airborne. It will be much quicker than teaching the children to adopt the vaunted "Gay Lifestyle" or the slow process of contaminating the upstanding, godfearing heteros by exposure to a *gasp* gay person. Although it seems a lot of upstanding, godfearing heteros have been contaminated lately. Hmm.