You Call This a Blog?


Wow, posts at evolgen have been few and far between. A damn, dirty manuscript is to blame. I keep trying to get it write itself, but the sucker refused to oblige. Maybe it would help if I could finish the data analysis.

But enough about me. Let's talk about me Steve Steve. The last time Professor Steve made an appearance on evolgen we were on our way back from the Fly Meeting (the other Fly Meeting posts can be found here: 1, 2, 3). After we got home, Steve Steve visited our lab, and I got a few pictures of him posing with Charles Darwin and hanging out in the fly room. You can see them all if you click through below the fold.

Steve Steve was really impressed with my Charles Darwin bobblehead doll. Okay, he wasn't really impressed, but I made him pose with it -- two icons of evolution (to use the parlance of our times), if you will. You can get your own Darwin Doll here.


I had to push some flies, so Prof. Steve and I went into our fly room. Here he is scoping out some bottles. He approves of how little mold growth I've got, but that's because this was in March, before it got all hot and muggy.


Steve Steve insisted that he wouldn't merely be a hanger on -- he wanted to do some work. I gave him a vial of flies and a pooter and told him to collect come virgins.


I have to say, Prof. Steve's favorite aspect of the fly room was our morgue.


I told Steve he could deposit all the males in the morgue while he collected virgins. Who needs males anyway?

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