Alpha Fail



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A mischievous octopus is being held responsible over the flooding of a Californian aquarium after sabotaging the filtration system. Employees at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium arrived at work yesterday to find their offices soaked with hundreds of gallons of seawater. The source of the flood…
Is it wrong that I like this? I'd like to see the Nietzschean Dilbert, too. And I had to include a second one, because this is one of my favorite quotes from Zarathustra:
I was reading Roger Ebert's lament over the disgraceful decline of quality in theater projection (a function of theater owners who just don't care anymore and the corrupting influence of bad 3D), and then I remembered that last year I took some pictures of the funky old technology in our local…
Fans of the traditional Japanese boxed lunch have welcomed news of a self-packing octopus. Staff at the New England Aquarium were able to encourage a 7-foot Giant Pacific Octopus to cram itself into a tiny 15" box. Aquarist Bill Murphy said: I place one or two live crabs inside the box and the…

If we exhert a little effort and persuade five of those species to become extinct, then we could claim "how many species of swallow are native to Africa?" as a candidate for Ultimate Question (also as a Grand Unification: Python/Adams).

we tried this in the lab yesterday, it does give you a very detailed answer for the European swallow.

By ihateaphids (not verified) on 19 May 2009 #permalink

I entered, "What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?"

The correct answer was given. I am now at peace.

By PsyberDave (not verified) on 19 May 2009 #permalink

Great minds think alike -- the swallow speed was the 1st question I typed in!

Given that the engine has trouble parsing much simpler inputs I've tried, this is almost certainly a hard-coded answer, like 42. So double fail.

It didn't know who did the twiddly bits along the coast of Norway. If they're going to code in one Guide reference...