Genetic Future is moving to Wired


In my second big piece of news for the day, I'm pleased to announce that Genetic Future will shortly be moving to a  the brand new Wired Science Blogs network.

While the network was announced today there will be a brief hiatus before I get started in my new home, due to the time constraints imposed by my first big announcement today. However once the move is complete I'll be back to delivering the same slices of genetics and personal genomics goodness that you've been getting here at ScienceBlogs (or at least, that you were getting before my recent exposure to the mind-shattering effects of a new baby).
In the meantime, go and check out the new Wired network. There's some serious blogging talent on display:
Jonah Lehrer of Frontal Cortex 
David Dobbs of Neuron Culture
Brian Switek of Laelaps
Rhett Alain of Dot Physics
Brian Romans of Clastic Detritus
Maryn McKenna of Superbug
Frankly I've no idea how I managed to sneak in, but I'm pleased to be in such lofty company!
I'll be back with more details of my new URL and RSS feed in the next week or so.
I wanted to thank the folks at ScienceBlogs (and particularly Erin Johnson) for the opportunity to blog here for the last two years - it's been fun.

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AWeSOME! Congratulations! This is huge!

Congratulations Dan. Just saw your posting a little late. Looking forward to when you get back to blogging over at Wired!