Wow. Just wow.

I was just perusing my stats on sitemeter - and to my amazement, I discovered that Good Math/Bad Math had its 2 millionth view this weekend. 2 million pageviews! I never dreamt that this little blog would ever see a number like that. Astonishing! Over 1.3 million visits to the blog so far!

Thank you all!


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Probably just an anomaly. I'm sure you'll regress to the mean... :)

congrats! :)

The "tranching" article was brilliant. I sent the link to a lot of people.

could you write more about lambda calculus?

Thank YOU, Mark.

I read PZ and Phil Plait's blogs too, but yours is the one closer to my own field (bioinformatics). If computers had not existed, I'd have become a physicist. If phyics had not existed, I'd have become a mathematician. Maybe. I'm glad I'm a computer scientist, anyway.

Very cool, Mark!

I think this is just icing on the cake, the cake being the constant quality of your blog, and the great commentors who visit.

Nicely done.

By BobbyEarle (not verified) on 10 Jan 2008 #permalink

Congratulations Mark! I have been reading it and it is pretty well written! :)

I was wondering if you could expand on this post and put in some charts with total visitors per day/page views per day, and maybe top keyword stats from statcounter.

I am really interested how many readers you get daily and how do they find your blog! :)


Your blog is totally the man.

Funny what happens when you write well on topics people want to read about and engage them in respectful conversation (or call them idiots to their face when it's warranted). Oh, and the ability to explain complex concepts in a way a lay person can follow (if not fully understand) doesn't hurt either.

Thank you, Mark.

To MarkCC: congratulations and don't stop now. And as for Ben, who said,

Your blog is totally the man.

Uh-oh. I thought we were supposed to stick it to the man.

Let's see, if I hop over to my site and check my statistics, I've had. . . 233,264 hits and 30,921 visits since I managed to erase the statistics database on 22 October. I'm clearly still in the amateur league! :-)

There are four or five blogs on this site which I consistently check out. This is one of them! You write clearly about complex topics, thought-provoking essays which are just the right length for reading on the web. Keep up the good work!

I envy you! I have been a professional computer scientist but I don't have a Doctorate in the field. On top of that you work for Google! I love Google for so many ever growing reasons!
In my opinion you are "living the dream"! Thanks for sharing so that we can vicariously live it too! Keep up the great job!
Dave Briggs :~)

Thank you for writing and congratulations!

I am a recent discoverer of your blog and find it most enjoyable! I concur with a similar comment: more lambda calculus! Many thanks for your time and inventiveness!

By Leigh Fanning (not verified) on 24 Jan 2008 #permalink