Winding up for the debate....

The latest polls are interesting. Locally we have Ashwin Madia in a statistical dead heat so if you are in Minnesota Congresstional District 3 it is NOW TIME to either volunteer or kick in a few bucks. Madia has an excellent chance of taking this seat away from the Republicans. The Minnesota Senate race is generaly seen as the hottest race in the nation, with more interest -- and money -- flowing into this knock down, drag-out fight between incumbent Republican and Absolute Dit Norm Coleman, and Former SNL star, and much smarter than your average politician Al Franken. Oh, and Dean Barkley. At the moment, Franken is hanging on to a lead that is statistically significant only in some polls.

Again, we need to take this Republican seat back (this was Paul Wellstone's seat after all!) and again, there is a good chance of doing it with a little more help. Time to get off your butt or at least send fifty bucks to Al.

Moving on to the National Front, there are some very interesting things going on.

In Florida, Obama is ahead by between 2 and 8 points in the six most recent polls taken there, covering the last ten days. Obama may win Florida.

In North Carolina, seven recent polls show Obama and McCain in a virtual dead heat. Red State North Carolina is up for grabs.

In Nevada, a state that has usually been red but that has been changing lately, Obama is ahead in six of the last seven polls taken, by between 2 and 7 points.

West Virginia ... remember West Virginia during the primaries? This was one of the last states contested and Obama did not even campaign there. A black man running as a (relatively) liberal Democrat should lose to any randomly selected Republican in this all white racist state of yahoos, clinging to their guns and religion when they are not busy dying in the coal mines, by at least 20 points. Right now, four of the last five polls from West Virgina show McCain barely ahead of Obama, and one poll actually shows Obama winning. Obama will not likely win in West Virgina, but he'll lose by a possum's eyeball, mark my words.

The info summarized above is all from Real Clear Politics.


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