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This is my last post at

In the future I will be blogging at Greg Laden's blog, located at its original home at

I have a feeling that Scienceblogs will not last long without me. What do you think?


But seriously, I'll be talking about the story of the current status and development of this blog and with Mike Haubrich on our podcast Ikonokast. We recorded the conversation today, and will post it in a day or two.

Please go HERE to continue this conversation.

That is all. Thank you very much.

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Orac is moving on, and Pharyngula just moved his old stuff from Scienceblogs. Meet you at the new site, Greg.

By Charles Sullivan (not verified) on 30 Oct 2017 #permalink

Sorry to see that you stop. I think it is a loss. Your blog has been a platform to use the freedom of information, however difficult that has been thanks to the unwillingness of a few to respect one and another. I think this is one of the causes to make a fresh start without those flaws. I thank you for all your information and for offering people all over the world a platform to exchange information and ideas. Great many thanks. I hope we can stay in touch on another platform. I wish you all the best and I give you my brasa, brother. Laren NH, Netherlands, Tuesday 31st October 2017, 10.54 AM DT.

By Gerrit Bogaers (not verified) on 30 Oct 2017 #permalink

I look forward to reading about your reasons for switching.

Thankyou Greg Laden and sad to hear this. Will shift and read you at the new / old blog again.

Don't suppose there's any chance of a return to FTB?