Jesus Struck by Lightning, Burned to Ground, as Predicted in Bible

Pat Robertson, others, claim that this is a sign from god telling us that Christianity is not the true religion.


Well, ok, Pat Robertson others, did not really say that. But they should, according to their modus operandi!

The Jesus Statue located in Monroe Ohio is known as Touchdown Jesus because of the figure's position. Touchdown Jesus formerly sat aside a highway since 2004. But not just any highway. The highway is I-75.

You do understand the significance of this, yes? Let me connect the dots for you.

There is no Isaiah 75, so we can't refer to a bible passage such as the one that helped us to recognize I 35 as God's Highway. But there is an Isaiah 7 and an Isaiah 5:

... this is what the Sovereign LORD says: 'It will not take place, it will not happen ..... Aram, Ephraim and Remaliah's son have plotted your ruin...

Obviously, this statue was not meant to be.

The only thing left of the statue is the impression of Jesus burned into a nearby theater screen. Contractors are expected to finish repairs on the statue in three days.




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