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Teachers Under Fire!!!

It is very common, across the U.S., for science teachers to dread the "evolution" unit that they teach during life science class.
As they approach the day, and start to prepare the students for what is coming, they begin to hear the sarcastic remarks from the creationist students. When the day to engage the evolution unit arrives, students may show up in the classroom with handouts from anti-science sites like Answers in Genesis, to give to their friends. They may carry a bible to the lab station and read it instead of doing the work. If there is a parent conference night around that time, the teacher may be verbally abused by some of the parents for not including "alternative theories" in the classroom.
There IS a conspiracy ...

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A bit of advice on how to teach evolution by PZ Myers and Mark Decker. Click here!

The Wrong Way to Approach the Evolution-Creationism Debate. Click here.

A discussion with Genie Scott about Science Standards, Creationism and Evolution in the Classroom. Click here then click through to the podcast.

Just in case anyone asks: Intelligent Design's Legal Status after Dover

Ever wonder where the quote "A teacher affects eternity etc. etc. etc." comes from? Here!

Teachers Gone Wild

My wife, a biology teacher, gets crazy in the biology classroom. She is famous for her interpretive dance renditions of numerous cellular processes. The students in the first class of the day reportedly stare in disbelief and roll their eyes, but the students in the other classes throughout the day seem to love it. Several of her students have taken to filming her pedagogical paroxysms, and you know that some day, Amanda will be a YouTube Star.

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What to do about Bible-thumping students in the science classroom

.... Have you ever had this happen: You are minding your own business, teaching your life science course, it's early in the term. A student, on the way out of the room after class (never at the beginning of class, rarely during class) mentions something about "carbon dating." This usually happens around the time of year you are doing an overview of the main points of the course, but before you've gotten to the "evolution module"...

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If you teach life science or anatomy, this may be of interest: Is Blood Ever Blue? Science Teachers Want to Know! As long as you are reading that, you might want to read this one as well: Do humans and other mammals absorb ANY oxygen through the skin surface?

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