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i-9315cd4146d256c5414503a7bae98b8c-Fragment_of_live_SciScribe_Science_Online_2012-thumb-300x296-72183.jpgLive Scribing is like live blogging or note taking but it is done in the form of drawing. To get an idea of what this is all about, check out this blog.

Science Online 2012 was "Live Scribed" which meant that for most (all?) sessions, someone was making a drawing which built a stylized visually rich picture of the concepts being developed in the room. The results are here. Maggie Pingolt took those pictures, but I think someone else also photographed the boards.

Next step: Developing the metadata, presentation, archive and access for this project; Also, I want to see parallel LiveScribes, with more than one per session.

Here's the ScienceOnline2012 SciScribing page where you can see a slide show.

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