Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone. Here's a card for you:


And, Happy Birthday Amanda!

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The Wayzata High School Science Bowl Team was acknowledged today in the Congress of the United States of America: Yes, that "Amanda" is my Amanda!
The winner of our Summer Photo Contest is "Dip in the Pool" (above) submitted by Amanda Byrnes. The photo was taken this summer in Massachusetts. This particular photo was chosen because it exemplifies how frogs, which are ectotherms, can cool off in the heat of the summer. Congratulations Amanda…
Many thanks to everyone who wished me a happy 26th birthday yesterday. I was surprised by the number of people who did, in fact, and I was glad to receive the kind greetings of so many friends. Special thanks are due Amanda, as well, who sent me a shiny new copy of Richard Fortey's Dry Storeroom No…
Yes, Amanda's birthday happens to be Valentine's Day! (The holiday, not the movie)