Mark Seeley and Mark Kulda: Climate Change Costs You Money

A while back I reviewed "Climate Change: What Everyone Needs To Know" by Joe Romm (see my review here). In that book Romm provides useful advice to help people understand the impact of climate change on them, on various aspects of their lives. For example, many people choose to retire to a specific habitat and a specific geographical location. You might want to know if a real estate investment you make now will be negatively affected when the state you move to becomes inundated by the sea or too hot to live in. Sure, you're near retirement age so you are going to die soon anyway. But, will you die soon enough? What about the fact that you are squandering your family loot on future tepid swampland? Maybe you better think about what you are doing...

For those of you in the Twin Cities, especially in Minneapolis and its western suburbs, come on over to Maple Grove on February 27th at 7:00 PM to meet Dr. Mark Seeley, UMN climatologist and frequent guest commenter on public radio, and Mark Kudla of the Insurance Federation of Minnesota.

The presentation is called "Climate Change: Costing You Money."

This will be at the Main Street Meeting Room of the Maple Grove Library. That's just north of Maple Grove Dale, just south of Weaver Lake Road. You take Main Street south of Weaver Lake, or from The Dale, north from Elm Creek Blvd by the Buca di Beppo and Wild Bills, and there you'll find the library tucked demurely behind the community center on the west side of the road.

See you there!

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