Yours truly on The Reef Tank

While on the subject of interviews, I was recently contacted with an interview request by the website The Reef Tank. Loath to turn down any opportunity to talk about myself (what do you expect, I'm a blogger fer cryin' out loud!) I filled out the question sheet they sent over and you can read the interview here.

Given the marine life focus of their site, we discussed ocean acidification and the PETM event after a couple of blogging generalities.

They also asked my opinion of aquariums, with a warning it is controversial. I did not have much to say, and I guessed that the controversies must be around poaching endangered species and habitat destruction (seems a safe bet).

Please check it out if you're interested!

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Gee, Coby, that's pretty amazing of you to have such a far reaching and thoughtful opinion on aquariums. It's absolutely revolutionary. It's so deep you raised the issue of habitat destruction by aquariums that I was almost moved to tears. You are true friend of marine life and marine Flora especailly squid and urchins.

What's you opinion of regular turf we have on the nature strip, is taking it away from its natural habitat a cause of concern too?