Can you say "Eyjafjallajokull"? Neither can I...

[UPDATE: readers should be aware of a correction on the source site. The best estimate of CO2 is in fact 150,000 tons per day, not 7400, with a possible maximum of 300,000 tons per day. So the graphic is much less compelling, but the story of Joe vs the Volcano is not affected.]

Even if I can't say it, the volcano Eyjafjallajokull is great to illustrate just how ludicrous the "Volcanoes emit more CO2" argument is. Courtesy of Information Is Beautiful, here is a very telling graphic.


Is there really a need to say more?

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Monckton responding to an email about how volcanoes cause ozone depletion: I'm not familiar enough with the inner workings of the general-circulation models, so I'm not sure how it is that the ozone hole appears only over the Antarctic. One possibility is that the circumpolar circulation (which…

Though not all volcanoes are created equal. If I'm not mistaken, subduction volcanoes can tap sequestered carbon sinks and release it quite rapidly. The Iceland volcano is not this type however.

Well I can say quite easily :P But then again, it helps to be a native speaker.

Dmabus appears to have tapped into a sequestered sink of stupid. Yay, more carbon AND more stupid - really we could do without both.

Elsewhere on the Internet (Language Log), the pronunciation is actually under discussion, and commenters were invited to listen to recordings of Icelanders saying the name and to describe what they hear.

Here's what I've been able to figure out.

Most of it can be approximated to sounds we have in English, but the 'll' deserves special mention. In the middle of a word it's no problem (just pronounce it 'tl': the only hard bit is remembering to), but at the end of a word I think it's what linguists call a 't' with lateral release (symbol tˡ). Basically, you pronounce the letter 't' as you normally would, except that afterwards you leave the tip of your tongue where it is and let air escape around the sides of your tongue. Practise a few times - it's not hard, just unfamiliar.

Then you can approximate the whole name as " EI-ya-fyat-la-YUU-quotˡ ", remembering to do the lateral release at the end.

Dumbass I'm mean Dmabus is incorrect neither Einstien nor NOSTRADAMUS were Athiests.

Just because you a person has a different concept of GOD does not make them an Atheist.

And it's so strange how Chirstians love wish Death and Annihilation on anyone that does not validate their beliefs.

Something Christ never did and was against!

dmabus is David Mabus, real name Dennis Markuze, who seems to be a seriously disturbed loon in Canada. He shows up all over the internet, leaving behind the same incoherent droppings, again and again. Then the âmessageâ mutates and he does it all again. And again. And again. And. Again.

He's been banned from numerous blogs, including Pee Zed's, who reported him to the police after receiving death threats.

The general consensus is he badly needs professional help with his apparent mental problems.

As I understand it, the loon thinks that Nostradamus predicted something about some rock band who once played at the World Trade Center. This band's playing there, or something they sang about, is what caused the Sept-11 atrocity. For realizing the connection, this loon thinks he's won Randi's million dollar challenge, and is upset that he hasn't been paid.

Since we don't have the power to get him the help he seems to need, it's not clear what to do. Some sites ban him, and others have a (unwritten) rule to just ignore him; Ben Goldacre's Bad Science switches the discussion to having a cup of tea (it is a British site) whenever the loon shows up. (I'm not certain how that Bad Science âtraditionâ started, but I find it hilarious.)

Oh Jesus poor guy.

Thanks for that update. Puts Crakar in perspective, eh?

And it's so strange how Chirstians (sic) love wish Death and Annihilation on anyone that does not validate their beliefs.

Something Christ never did and was against!

Actually he did - he claimed that the only way to eternal life was through him. He wasn't the 'nice guy' he is portrayed as.

Interesting take on the CO2

By Canadian Curmudgeon (not verified) on 18 Apr 2010 #permalink

I get email from him occasionally, so far always bulk sent, I just delete it. This is not the first comment he has put here but it is the first I did not delete before it got too many respnses to just sweep aunder the rug...


I have just returned from a two week holiday and thought i would check in and see how things are going.

Whilst away i had a hot air balloon ride, i took my camera with me and while my son is the only noted photographer in the family i had a go at it. Got some good shots of water reflections, not up to your standard of course. I will send you a couple if you have an interest in seeing them.

In regards to Volcanoes i find it rather ironic that this hard to pronounce volcano is reducing CO2 emissions rather than increasing them as per the usual argument. One can only imagine the CO2 reduction when yellow stone finally blows its top.

Now onto religion, a favourite subject of mine. I used to get hassled by the door knockers routinely until i came up with the ultimate rebuttal. Since then i often see them wondering the streets harrassing innocent people looking for souls to be saved but they do not bother me at all. Looks as though i have been black banned. If anyone is interested i will share my rebuttal with them.

I am not sure what post 8 is all about maybe the author would be so kind as to expand on his thoughts for us all.

By for now


Justa minor point, but the diagram has been updated at the source site. Apparently they misunderestimated the amount of CO2 and have had to double the size of the volcano triangle.

It still makes the point. Your copy is just 50% out of date.

Well well, Crakar!

Shall we slaughter the fatted calf?

(I promise not to harm any sheep . . . .)

Yes we shall Skip,

Although we probably should be using sheep seeing as AGW is making them grow smaller, you never know they may be too small to slaughter soon even the fat ones!!!!!

What a strange religion AGW is.

I can say Katla, but I'm not sayin' it'll blow up.


This theory explains why most original australians are 6 foot tall and as fat as mud. The anglo saxon variety are the same because they wear clothes. Another mystery solved.

By the way i assume Coby is inferring that volcanos help to stave off global warming by keeping aircraft grounded i assume he also factored in the ash/dimming sun scenario.

Nothing wrong with this thought however i read recently where new research shows Europe will experience warmer weather as a result because there will be less aerosols up there. So which is true?

crakar, no I am just trying to illustrate the hollowness of the "volcanoes add more CO2 than humans" blather from the likes of Plimer.

The cooling aerosol effect is a short lived one, and in this case not likely to amount to anything noticable.

Have not heard of the interesting research you mention, any source?

Coby i understand what you are trying to do and i tend to agree that Plimer may have overstated things. I read the story about the research in the local paper and as yet have no source to provide.

This is all i got, it does not link to the research unfortunately. Anyway i thought it a good question to ask as we seem to have a few competing forcings? at play here.…

By the way i read a translation and it was Katla-strato can anyone comfirm this is correct as it is easier than spelling

I actually find the name of the volcano perfectly fine to say, then again my mom is from Iceland and she has been teaching me how to speak Icelandic for years. Basically by the time I was 11 I could say it. And I'm just gonna say it now If you can't say 'Eyjafjalla' you have no chance learning to speak Icelandic.

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