Willie Soon gets grilled by the Examiner

Okay, that's sarcasm. Wille Soon is featured in an interview on the Examiner.com website, but grilling is hardy how to describe the pathetic softballs Kir Meyers throws, rather rolls, his way.

Here are a few of the questions he asked:

Many of the scientists promoting the global warming theory appear to be driven by politics rather than hard scientific data. What are your thoughts?

What needs to be done to combat the strong-arm tactics being used against scientists who disagree with the AGW theory?

What is your opinion of Al Gore?

Really not much more to say about that...

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I guess Soon is preparing for the cheering crowd at the Heartland conference. Wonderful one-liners and implicitely claiming moral (scientific) superiority. Self-delusional would be a better term.

I believe "Der Spiegel" is practicing postnormal journalism. All speculation and no facts.

By Turboblocke (not verified) on 14 May 2010 #permalink

Ah yes lets all laugh at the funny Astrophysicist, hey you with the stick.......yes you, put it away, he wont be as funny with only one eye will he.

Some perspective about this interview;

The Examiner.com website isn't really a news site, its content is pretty much all contributed by so-called "citizen journalists" (read "hacks"). This essentially means that anyone who wants to contribute anything can and often times the site will run it. It has a shockingly low editorial threshold (See their UFO section http://www.examiner.com/x-2363-UFO-Examiner). It's so bad not even Wikipedia accepts sources at Examiner.com as sources.

Not to mention this Kirk Meyers only has articles posted on the website critical of global climate change research. These titles "Climate-change cartel wants to turn back the clock on human advancement" to "Peddling global warming fears puts big money in pockets of climate researchers." He's no journalist, he's an ideologue.

Examiner.com is a major online refuge of crackpottery, hardly worth calling any more attention to.

I just noticed you posted this under "mainsteam media."


Do you even check your sources?

Also you mispelled the author's first AND last name. It's "Kirk Myers" NOT "Kir Meyers."